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How to apply... Waterless Lotus

How to apply... Waterless Lotus

Waterless Lotus is the all-in-one waterless wash needed in your arsenal! 
It has the cleaning power of our Waterless Wash and Wax but has the water repelling properties of Hydropel. A must-have for any car enthusiast who wants to clean and protect their car with ease, leaving it with an incredible gloss and amazing surface protection. 
Newly developed formula blended from the purest mixture of polymers and siloxanes to create an exceptional contamination-free surface with long term protection. 
Waterless Lotus has gone through many levels of testing to ensure you get an incredible product that can protect your pride and joy, leave it sparkling for those gorgeous sunny days and protect it from the elements when the weather is not quite on your side! 
As with any washing procedure, if the car is heavily soiled and has a thick layer of dirt sitting on the bodywork, then using a simple bucket and sponge or even a two-bucket washing method will still cause scratching and swirl marks. 
The only way to bring the car back to a reasonable level is to initially use a touchless method such as a prewash. 
Once the car has had the heavy soiling removed from the paint surface you can apply and use our waterless products range! 
Applying Waterless Lotus is a simple process and can be done in 5 steps! 
Step 1. 
Shake to activate the formula 
Step 2. 
Lightly mist the formula onto an SPP plush microfibre, and a small amount to the paint surface one panel or area at a time. 

Step 3. 
Begin application to the paint surface in a crosshatch motion. Applying in straight lines allows for an even coating on the paint surface, therefore, a better bond to the paint and longer-lasting protection. 
(TOP TIP: make sure you lift the microfibre up and away from the paint as you move in straight lines. This reduces the chance of catching any larger contaminants that were missed on the initial touchless clean of the car. See image below) 

Towel wipe 

Step 4. 
Using a 2nd clean microfibre cloth, buff off the panels you have applied the product to, to reveal a deep shine and outstanding protection. 
Step 5. 
Stand back and enjoy the results! 

We are sure you’ll be happy with our Waterless Lotus, its gloss and protection will leave your car looking amazing. 

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