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Waterless Wash Explained

The pros and cons of washing anything without water has long been discussed, it is for this reason I would like to give you a factual insight in to how and why using the SPP waterless product range will give you outstanding results, and when applied correctly will enhance and protect the paintwork more on each wash cycle. If your car has a thick layer of dirt sitting on the bodywork, similar to exhibit A! Then using a simple bucket and sponge or even a two bucket washing method will still cause scratching and swirl marks. The only way to bring the car back to a reasonable level is to initially use a touchless method such as a jet wash.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A - Once the thick dirt has been removed form the surface, then you are able to apply the wash application, this can be in the form of either conventional washing, which will use around 150ltrs of water, or quite simply a waterless wash product which is undoubtedly more eco friendly and will give a ultra-high level of finish to the paintwork.

Exhibit B


Please note all raw material references are explained at the bottom of the page. The Waterless collection in which SPP have created are all designed by using the finest surfactants on the market which help to lubricate the surface of the vehicle and soften any surface dirt, these surfactants are the most important ingredient in order to make sure the products we have designed can safely clean many different porous and non-porous surfaces with ease. As well as softening the dirt, surfactants will then break down and encapsulate the contamination, which allows you to wipe over with one of our plush microfibre cloths, leaving a clean and contamination free surface. We have three alternative waterless wash products, each one contains the surfactants as listed above but are all unique as per below:


Containing Grade 1 Carnauba and Montan wax to give long lasting protection. Beeswax which helps maintain the protection but at the same time softens the above two waxes to aid application. Natural Fruit oils derived from coconuts and Citrus Fruits to help with a sustainable shine and protection. Cross linking polymers to create an armour like barrier from the elements.


Revolutionary new product which has been designed by using the most up to date Quartz technology, this SIO2 based waterless is created with the purest materials which give a mirror like finish, as well as create a hard shell bond to the surface, which in turn lowers the surface tension stopping contamination and water attaching.


Produced with a high level of surfactants and natural oils which beautifully clean all hard surfaces, this product will leave a deep rich look to gloss, natural and matte finishes, and is a perfect base to then apply Hydropel. This no smear formula is perfect to also keep your windows clean. The SPP product range offers a concise range of products which are all that is required to make sure your vehicle has a show winning shine, we also offer:

Interior All Clean

is a multifunctional all-purpose cleaner, great for both a deep clean as well as routine maintenance. Suitable on all surfaces including all interior substrates, undercarriages, door shuts, and all those hard to reach places. It also contains specialist surfactants which break down grease making it ideal for engine bay cleaning.


is formulated to break down and remove all bad odours within the interior of your entire vehicle. Our unique blend encapsulates and eliminates bad odour molecules whilst at the same time leaves a pleasant and refreshing cologne fragrance behind.

Tyre and Trim Dressing

Formulated to be fast drying, reduce overspray and prevent fling. It is an ecofriendly waterbased formula which is designed with cross linking polymers to offer a product which gives both protection and surface


is our vehicle bodywork sealant. Manufactured using liquid glass (SiO2) and specialist silicone infused technology to create a ceramic like sealant for both professional detailers and beginner alike. It forms a strong bond with your vehicles body work by creating a hard surface barrier.


Surfactants - are compounds that lower the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. Surfactants may act as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, and dispersants.

Polymers - a substance which has a molecular structure built up chiefly or completely from a large number of similar units bonded together. As the units are identically repeated this creates a flawless barrier over the surface they attach to.

Carnauba Wax – Grown from a plant in Brazil, this is a natural hard wax with extremely good hydrophobic properties.

Montan Wax – Naturally derived from coal, this is a very hard wax which offers scuff and scratch protection.

Beeswax - is a natural wax produced by honeybees of the genus Apis. The wax is formed into scales by eight wax-producing glands in the abdominal segments of worker bees, which discard it in or at the hive. This is a naturally soft wax which aids application and protection.

Fruit Oils – are extracted from the skin or segments of the fruit, in our case we use coconut oil and Limonene (citrus fruit oil). Both will help to enhance the surface and are used in many pharmaceutical products.

SIO2 (Silicon Dioxide) – Also known as Quartz, this is produced largely from sand stone and is an incredibly hard substance which once cured will leave a clear layer of protection.

Scientific Bit

This diagram above shows the difference between an unprotected surface which is superhydrophilic to a surface which has been protected by SPP products (superhydrophobic), this happens when the surface tension is lowered by a protective layer which is created from using SPP products. You will find contamination can not attach which creates a self-cleaning surface.