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Waterless vs Water Wash

Waterless vs Water Wash

We know waterless can be a real hot or not product depending on your preference. To try and shed some light on the subject we've highlighted some key features of the two techniques.

Waterless Wash

Great for the environment 🌍

The clue is in the title, waterless means no water so using less can only be a good thing for the environment right?! Of course, this also means a reduction in water costs - kerching! In comparison, a bottle of our 500ml Waterless Wash & Wax will provide between 4 - 6 washes, saving around 325 litres of water over the same number of washes. 


Speedy clean 💨 🧽

A water wash done correctly will take up most of your Sunday afternoon. Removing all the watermarks and swirls takes patience and time. With waterless, not only does it not leave any annoying watermarks, all you need is your chosen products and microfibre cloths and you're good to go! Our Hyropel will leave a perfect sealed protection on the surface of the vehicle meaning washes will be less frequent.


No tap needed! 🚱

Needing a tap is a huge problem if you live in a city centre or park your car away from the house. So if you're a keen detailer, living in an apartment or high rise building, waterless is the product for you!


Water Wash

Great for extremely dirty cars 💪

If your car is incredibly dirty – and we're talking dried on mud and dirt here, water is the best approach. Our products are great, but they can’t work miracles on your off-roading cars you’re washing once in a blue moon!


Traditional clean 🧼

If you're a true purist and someone who enjoys taking your time cleaning your car, then water is a great approach for you. It involves more stages and allows you to spend more time doing what you love best. A thorough water wash could take 4 hours vs a 45-minute waterless wash.


Easier for hard to reach areas 💦🚗💦

Using a jet wash or hosepipe can be easier when trying to reach those difficult to reach areas, such as in and around the wheel arches.

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