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What's the difference?

What's the difference?



Cleaning and protecting your car can follow different processes and procedures to achieve a desired effect. In the car cleaning world, there is many desired paths you can go down with protecting a vehicle; if you choose to wax your vehicle you can choose from a polymer wax, ceramic wax, carnauba wax, hybrid wax and more! You could choose a ceramic coating that will lock in your paintwork for months or even years, however this would be hard to remove and would not look good if applied wrong or to badly prepped paint work, you could use a spray sealant that will give you a layer of protection that will enhance protection for a shorter period of time, or you could use a waterless product that includes a wax or sealant element to clean and protect at the same time.


One question we regularly get asked at Super Polish Pro is what is the difference between Waterless Lotus and Hydropel?


Hydropel is our flagship spray sealant, the impressive formula will add a layer of protection to your paint, trim and glass quickly and effectively. Simply spray on the formula to the paintwork and the applicator, apply to the paint in a crosshatch motion to ensure even coverage. The product will dry quickly so ensure you have your plush buffing cloth handy, begin to buff the product ensuring there is no streaking or left over product, where possible leave the sealant to continue curing and bonding to the paint in a cool dry area, while it may be tempting to test the beading on your paintwork… because it will look amazing! Resist the temptation and you will see the amazing results when it next rains!

Waterless Lotus on the other hand is a Waterless cleaner and sealant, The advanced formula can be used as a full vehicle cleaning solution when the car is lightly soiled (see our blog post on waterless vs water) or it can be used an impressive quick detailer. The versatility of Lotus is second to none, it can be used on any surface to clean to a rich, glossy shine and leaving behind a long lasting and protective layer.

See our blog post on how to apply Waterless Lotus here.

When it comes down to cleaning your car, you can choose either method and the results will be great for both! It is purely down to preference! Hydropel will give you the final layer sealant for paintwork, trim and glass where as Lotus will be a great cleaner while leaving behind a layer of sealant!

You can purchase Waterless Lotus here

You can purchase Hydropel here