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Waterless Wash - Neutral Enhance



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Meet our Waterless Enhance Formula, the ultimate waterless, dry car wash with maximum cleaning power. 

This waterless product is produced with a high level of surfactants and natural oils which beautifully clean all hard surfaces, this product will leave a deep rich look to gloss, natural and matte finishes, and is a perfect base to then apply HydropelThis no smear formula is perfect to also keep your windows clean.

Benefits & Features:

  • No need for hosepipes, buckets, sponges and a spare hour or two. Get remarkable results in no time at all with our direct application without using any water. Also great on Motorbikes, Boats and Motorhomes.
  • Laboratory developed in the UK to achieve a deep clean and protective Matte finish top layer.
  • Fast & Easy to use, simply spray on one panel at a time, use one Microfibre Cloth to clean and second one to buff the surface to leave a fantastic Matte finish.
  • Contains No irritants or chemicals that could damage paintwork or trim.
  • Environmentally Friendly As water isn't required none at all is wasted!

Directions for use:

1. Shake well to activate the formula. 

2. Lightly apply the formula to a microfibre cloth and the surface one area at a time. 

3. Wipe the area (not in circles).

4. Use a 2nd clean, dry microfibre cloth to buff the surface to reveal a protective shine. 

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