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Why choose a wax free waterless wash?

Why choose a wax free waterless wash?

Knowing which products to apply when and where is something we get asked a lot at Super Polish Pro, and quite rightly too, there's no point in purchasing products that may counteract each other.

So when would you choose a wax-free waterless wash? Washes containing wax or polymers offer protection as well as washing, great if you want a one-stop-shop type product.

Our Neutral Enhance contains no wax or sealant, this, however, does not mean it won't leave behind protection. The formula is quick and easy to use and the natural ingredients will add gloss and protection. 

So here are 5 reasons why you should add Neutral Enhance to your car cleaning routine:

Easy to apply

Like all of our products, the Neutral Enhance is quick and easy to apply, simply spray and wipe away to achieve maximum results. See the 'how to apply' below for more details.

Cleans the paint

The Neutral Enhance will remove the dirt and grease from your paintwork, leaving a clean glossy finish. 


Works well on all paint types and vinyls

It's a super friendly substance, containing no hazardous raw materials so there's no need to worry about leaving the product on too long or wiping off too hard as it won't damage the surface. As there are no specific gloss enhancers it is also suitable for matte wraps and finishes.

Great all-rounder

This really is a multi-purpose cleaner that is also suitable for all glass and plastic surfaces. 

Smells awesome!

It looks great and smells great too! We've included a splash of coconut fragrance to improve the user experience.

How to apply

Here are our recommended steps when applying Neutral Enhance:
  1. Shake to activate formula.
  2. Lightly mist microfibre cloth.
  3. Lightly spray onto the surface.
  4. Softly wipe away the misted area, using a long sweeping motion.
  5. Using a clean microfibre, buff the area to a brilliant shine.

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