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Waterless Lotus



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Our Waterless Lotus Formula is the perfect all-in-one car cleaning product. Designed to include the cleaning power of our Waterless Wash and Wax Formula while providing the sealed finish of our Hydropel Formula, thus creating the all-in-one Waterless Lotus. 

The Waterless Lotus is truly a revolutionary new waterless car wash product which has been designed by using the most up to date Quartz technology, this SIO2 based waterless is created with the purest materials which give a mirror-like finish, as well as create a hard shell bond to the surface, which in turn lowers the surface tension stopping contamination and water attaching.

Direction for use:

1. Shake well to activate the formula. 

2. Lightly apply the formula to a microfibre cloth and to the surface one area or panel at a time. 

3. Wipe the area in one direction (not in circles). 

4. Use a 2nd clean, dry microfibre cloth to buff the surface to reveal a protective shine.  

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